id Tech 4 Classes (neo/game/script)

Descriptions of files in the neo/game/script folder.

  • The name of each section refers to the C++ files (.h and .cpp) with the same name. For example, SysCmds indicates the files SysCmds.h and SysCmds.cpp.
  • A "+ description" note means that the file contains a detailed description of one or several classes.
  • A class name between parentheses signifies that it is inherited: SubClass (BaseClass).
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An instance of the function_t class represents a script function.

  • function_t::Name() returns the name of the function.


idThread is the sys object in map scripts.

This class is also necessary to link a new script function to the idGameLocal class; the script function is created in idThread, and communicates with idGameLocal from there.

(No script functions are defined in neo/game/Game_local.cpp.)